Out now ! ‘ATOMS’ Vinyl LP on Stoffe.

We, Sascha and Jürgen of the former Giraffe Trio, are deeply honored and overjoyed to share “ATOMS” with you, our cherished listeners, now available on the Stoffe label. This vinyl is more than just music; it is a heartfelt journey and a tribute to our friend and bandmate, Charly Schöppner.

“ATOMS” represents our descent into uncharted emotional territories, with crushed arpeggios, hand-layered drums, and the afterthought of a nightly piano reflecting an early dawn still at midnight. Creating this album in Charly’s garage, our artistic refuge, was a profound and uplifting experience. It was a space where we found solace and inspiration, and we believe this intimacy and connection resonate through every note of “ATOMS.” Holding this vinyl in our hands feels like embracing a dear friend once more.

We are especially delighted about this collaboration and proud to be in the excellent company of other musicians and friends from Hamburg, such as Tintin Patrone and Rene Huthwelker and others.

We are grateful to have this treasure and to share it with all of you. Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

With heartfelt gratitude,
Sascha and Jürgen

Find all information on the STOFFE 005 release page