Loose Lips, Dec 2017 – Oli Warwick

The first time I heard the music of Giraffe, it was on the cusp between late night and early morning at the Meakusma Festival 2017. Smoke lingered in the air as the heavy-lidded, meditative crowd collectively took a trip piloted by Vladimir Ivkovic and ML, who laconically steered the ship from a sofa with their dashboard of low lying record decks. In the red-lit fog of the 4am reverie, the noirish selections unfurling from the speakers reached out like tendrils, mixing with the ganja fog to create a seductive, soporific tonic that matched the mood perfectly.

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Igloo Magazine, Nov 2017 – Robbie Geoghegan

“You’d probably have more luck predicting the ever changeable Irish weather than you would pinning down Marmo Music. The Berlin based imprint actively ignores the biases of the club and the limitations of genres as it pursues a spread of sounds with a devil may care attitude. The label’s latest roster addition, Giraffe, is a group that share this experimental edge, this desire to throw caution to the wind and allow improvisation to lead the way.

Sascha Demand, Jürgen Hall and Charly Schöppner,a partnership with an admirable CV of music creation, came together to create Climate. Their disparate ideas, different influences and inspirations, are married by the common theme of instantaneous invention. “Climate 1” and “Climate 2” are born in a jungle of instruments during live jam studio sessions, sessions where textures and tones are unfettered to flow and form without borders or boundaries. The result are two pieces where no line is set.”

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Inverted Audio, Nov 2017 – Baptiste Girou

“After long sticking to the short format as their basic recipe, Hamburg-based project Giraffe step up with a much distinct approach for their debut outing on Berlin’s Marmo Music, after a debut album on Meakusma earlier this year. Offering up a pair of extended cinematic excursions that hover at the ten-minute and over mark, Charly Schöppner, Sasha Demand and newly-integrated member Juergen Hall fully embrace the long-haul formula, giving themselves the leisure of exploring further into a wide-spanning instrumental palette and wealth of textural overlays.”

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